Wega Wbar


A rational design for an intuitive experience.


“The design is conceived by revising the shapes of traditional coffee machines, which reduces the overall dimensions and enhances the two groups with the control systems.

Practical and intuitive. The new WBar steam lever is based on
these two principles, allowing the barista to work quickly and
smoothly. There are two different ways to steam: continuous flow or on
demand. The screenprinted steam handle makes for an even more intuitive
way of working, as well as providing a distinctive design feature.

The cylindrical groups, with their distinctive anodised orange
colour, house the vertically-arranged control consoles.
Each button panel is back-lit and offers the option of programming
up to four doses. The combination of two navigation keys gives access
to the automatic wash cycle. A spot LED is positioned between
the groups, creating an elegant strip of light on the work area.

The WBar’s attractive design also includes four function buttons
positioned on the sides of the groups: two emergency keys,
a cupwarmer button, if present, and a hot water dispensing button for
making tea.”

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Advance order: Will reach Bahrain in 30 to 45 days